Rhymes are in the air...

Could you, Would you, PLG?

Me: I am a growth PM. A growth PM in B2B I am. CEO: That growth PM! That growth PM! I do not get that growth PM. Me: Would you like to build a PLG? CEO: I would not like that PLG! I want more sales and marketing funnels for me! Me: Could we test with UGC? CEO: I would not, could not with UGC. Enterprise buyer is the only persona for me. Me: Collaboration! Referrals! WOM! Could you, would you, try it with me? CEO: I would not, could not try it like that. That’s not for me. We are not B2C. Me: You are not willing. So you say. Try it! Try it! And you may. Try prioritizing end user. I say. CEO: A growth PM If you let me be, I will try it. You will see. [a year passes by] CEO: SAY! I LIKE THE PLG! I DO! I now get you growth PM. You’ve accelerated my business growth While driving the cost of revenue down for me! I do like it with UGC and WOM and Referrals, you see, Yes, yes the end user is just for me! I do so get the PLG THANK YOU! Thank you, growth PM in B2B. -Dr. Growth Seuss

Our awesome features
Our awesome features

In the end

I analyzed so hard And got so far But in the end I needed to hire an analyst anyway. -LinkedIn Park

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